Chatbots, the essential ally for your business

Chatbots are trending right now, they are at the foreground of marketing as well as digital news. Still, businesses are struggling to find the digital trends and posts on predictions that define the value of chatbots. So, the first question is, what is a chatbot?

A common definition for Chatbots is that they are conversational agents or digital assistants that can either be “dumb” or “smart” depending on whether they’re based on artificial intelligence or not. What makes this kind of technology so helpful and accommodating is the ability that it has to hold engaging conversations with a human. In this way it becomes an incredibly useful tool to help brands extend themselves by becoming more available to their customers. When designed right these digital assistants are able to send texts, images, audios, links and messages in real time as responses to queries from users. Depending on the use case of the chatbots, they are often used to find information about the services a company provides, consult their products availability, make reservations or bookings, and even assess the customer’s experience with the service the company has provided.

Currently, chatbots have become an important tool to increase consumer engagement, which is the ultimate goal of business and brands. To obtain these benefits, companies and brands are beginning to implement this technology and include it in their marketing strategies. Here are some of the reasons that have made chatbots such an effective tool.

1. They are a very effective tool to obtain consumer engagenmet and keep it loyal
Chatbot technology has been around for more than 50 years, but with the launch of smart messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, it has become the perfect tool to increase consumer commitment. In simple terms, the messaging platform involves users, and the chatbot provides easy access to those users.

2. Low entry barriers
Many of the current messaging applications have tools for bot developers that allow you to build chatbots in a simpler and cheaper way. Previously, the process of creating bots required a lot of time and was very expensive. These new APIs have made the chabots creation process fast, efficient and at a much lower cost, which has facilitated the appearance of a multitude of chatbots with automatic learning capabilities.

3. Good response from users
Users are starting to use chatbots because of their natural and conversational user interface. Studies suggest that people have a good impression with chatbots from the first moment. In fact, most people prefer to interact with chatbots when it comes to performing routinary tasks if they are in a hurry.

4. Chatbots are smart
The potential of chatbots is related to the evolution of AI (artificial intelligence), and companies must experiment with this technology. If a chatbot does not respond adequately to any of the user’s questions, they will forgive this failure to a certain extent, but the chatbot should be refined by combining AI technology and machine learning capabilities. This strategy is quite useful to adequately respond to different situations that consumers may pose.

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