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Whether you’re looking to overhaul your email marketing strategy, looking for a marketing automation agency, or simply want to maximize the results of your email marketing campaigns, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Send the emails that people want to receive and read

Email marketing is a popular way for businesses to engage with customers and prospects, but many marketers are overwhelmed by the technical and creative resources required to efficiently keep their target audience up to date on their brand and offerings. , efficient and constant.

Our team, comprised of content marketing strategists, graphic designers, and content writers, will work together to manage all aspects of your email marketing campaigns.

Lead generation

Before you can launch an email marketing campaign, you need to know who to send it to. Lead generation campaigns are designed to build your contact database using valuable content for your audience, in a way that they will be willing to provide their email address in exchange for accessing and/or downloading it. White papers and eBooks, webinars, infographics, templates, guides, etc. all work great for generating leads.

Our editorial and graphic design teams will create your lead generation asset, and our technical services team will create a landing page complete with a lead capture form for you to promote. As the list grows, your email marketing strategy will become stronger and more effective.

Email List Segmentation

Having an email database is one thing. Understanding how to actually harness it is another thing entirely.

By performing email list segmentation, you can create an email marketing strategy to nurture leads and guide them through your sales funnel, from the awareness stage to the final sale. Everything from the recipient’s business, title, and previous content interaction can be taken into account, allowing you to leverage unique and valuable content for different audience segments.

Segmenting these lists allows you to create personalized emails, speaking directly to the pain points or interests of that particular audience segment. Creating targeted emails to your segments is a sure way to encourage engagement and interaction, ultimately leading to more meaningful conversions.

Email Copywriting

No matter how strong your email strategy is, it will fail if the text you include in your email doesn’t resonate with your audience. However, we can help you. Our internal editorial department is an expert in creating texts that work for your email marketing strategy.

Whether you need short, to the point transactional emails or long-form newsletters, our team of expert copywriters can design it. We will study the guidelines of your brand and write the texts with the most appropriate tone for your readers. The result will be well-written emails that your contacts are likely to open, read, and respond to.

Email Template Coding

We’ll create eye-catching, well-designed emails that reflect the look and feel of your brand. HTML email templates give you the ability to reuse the same design over and over again, creating a cohesive and recognizable look and feel across your entire email marketing strategy or for a specific email campaign.

Our team of professional layout artists will expertly create a custom HTML email template for your brand. When it looks perfect, our consulting team will make sure it’s available on your email marketing automation platform.

Campaign Strategy Ideation

Our consultants are experts in creating campaigns that generate results. We know how to target the different people in your sales funnel through an excellent email marketing strategy. Whether you need to launch a drip campaign, create an awareness campaign, schedule a consistent newsletter, send one-off emails as part of your strategy, or something else entirely, our email marketing experts will work with your team.

The process begins with assessing buyer personas and your marketing goals. Using what we know about your target audience, we’ll set up campaigns that have the right frequency, tone, and content to establish your brand as a useful and informative presence in their inbox.

Campaign Implementation and Automation

Once you have established your email marketing campaign strategy, it is time to put it into action. Easier said than done.

Automating an email marketing campaign is a complicated process, but our email experts are well-versed in leading platforms including HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, and many more.

Our email marketing consultants will create your campaign within the platform of your choice, performing critical tasks such as:

  • Segment your subscriber list and make sure the right people get the right message.
  • Make sure your template looks like it should.
  • Set up your newsletters to be sent at appropriate times.
  • Automate emails and create other actions, such as qualifying leads based on specific triggers, such as form submissions or email openings.
  • Perform tests, such as A/B tests, to make sure we send the message that converts the best.

The result is a well-oiled machine that attracts potential customers to your business.

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

Analyzing the results of a campaign and using that information to make the necessary changes in strategy is the most effective way to approach marketing in all its forms. In email marketing it is essential to track campaign performance to make sure you are properly communicating with your audience.

Our email marketing consultants know how to measure engagement and translate it into sensible next steps to apply to your strategy. We’ll track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, deliverability, bounce rates, and more. We will also present you with monthly reports on the performance of all your campaigns and marketing activities. Armed with this information, you can make smart changes to your strategy for continued success.

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All the marketing technology you need, in one place

We know how challenging copywriting can be. Readers are often bombarded with tons of different content on the internet and breaking through requires an understanding of the consumer journey. We write for people, with emotions, confidence and clarity. We believe that the best representation of the brands we help is in the words they use to communicate with the world and we give them the attention they deserve.

Creemos que la excelencia es mil detalles ejecutados a la perfección. Nuestro equipo está obsesionado con los detalles, tanto grandes como pequeños. Así es como entregamos un trabajo extraordinario a nuestros clientes y que les hace confiar en nosotros de nuevo.
Cada marca que construimos o reconstruimos debe tener sentido para nosotros y para el cliente. Así como los clientes evalúan las soluciones de Pibeca, evaluamos cada proyecto para asegurarnos de que somos el socio adecuado para el liderazgo y el equipo.
Es muy importante que cada marca en la que trabajamos tenga un visionario y que la compañía y la marca contribuyan positivamente al diálogo de negocios y cultura en la actualidad. Sólo así podremos ayudarles a ser aún más grandes.
El tiempo es dinero y no queremos desperdiciarlo. No damos rodeos ni intentamos adornar la realidad y contamos las cosas como. Nos encontrará refrescantemente honestos, orientados a resultados e impulsados a buscar la mejor solución para su marca.
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Audience-First Email Marketing

Sending your subscribers content that is relevant to them is a calculated process. You will have more than one email list and each one will require a different type of content as the subscribers to that list are at different stages of the funnel.

We make sure your mailing list aligns properly with the specific type of newsletter and product or service you want to promote.


Promotional Newsletters

Amplify upcoming sales, product releases and new service offering information for existing and prospective customers.


Nurture Newsletters

Provide valuable mid-funnel content to subscribers who aren’t yet ready to become customers. Stay in contact, stay top of mind.


Seasonal Newsletters

For companies experiencing seasonal fluctuations in business, a seasonal newsletter with time-specific information can prove lucrative.


Transactional Emails

They are sent to specific people based on the actions they have taken, usually on your website. These can include sales or download confirmation emails, appointment reminder emails, or password reset emails. These messages are primarily intended to convey specific information.


Abandoned Cart Emails

Approximately 7 out of 10 digital shopping carts are abandoned. Abandoned cart emails remind customers of items they had considered and give them the opportunity to go ahead with the purchase. They can also include relevant information about the product and its benefits, or about your company and values.


Curated Newsletters

Compile the latest industry news, trends and insights from around the web and deliver to your audience.


Internal Company Newsletters

Keep staff and vendors within your organization apprised of company happenings with a simple newsletter recapping news, events, updates, initiatives and more.


Events Newsletters

Webinars, sponsored speaking engagements and conferences are key brand awareness and lead generation activities. Connect your email subscribers to these events to increase attendance.


Drip Campaign Emails

These campaigns implement a series of automated emails based on user interaction. They’re great for easily guiding prospects through your sales funnel, from awareness to interest to consideration to conversion.


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Create your own email marketing campaign

Even the most experienced marketer can feel overwhelmed when it comes to developing, executing, and measuring an email marketing campaign. At Pibeca Solutions, our goal is to make the process easier than ever. From the earliest stages of campaign development to our comprehensive newsletter writing services, we’ll empower your brand to connect with your audience and achieve your long-term business goals.

We will advise you on the cadence of shipments, we will implement innovative tactics in your campaigns and we will generate adjacent digital marketing actions to support the objectives of your shipments. Together we will create new contacts, create high value content and drive serious ROI.



Get to know your audience in real time from data from the CRM, the web and events, and interact with them in automated and personalized campaigns.



Cultivate the interest of leads, prospects, and customers without worrying about credit or additional marketing expenses.



Drive conversion and retention by segmenting emails based on activity or status.



Define an email strategy and create branded and relevant messages for each step of the customer journey.





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