UI / UX Design

A simple design requires a complex process. We make it simple by focusing on challenges and solutions, followed by creating functional user interfaces by applying User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI) design, that bring real value to your customers and meet their needs. and expectations


We designed a user experience that is visually stunning and easy to use.

Offering a complete digital experience is like bringing all touch points together, connecting devices and creating omnichannel experiences. Using best practices and techniques, with in-depth knowledge of all the latest technology tools, Pibeca Solutions’ UX strategy team can generate solutions that are intuitive to use and tailored to match users’ specific tasks and goals. business of our clients.

Target Audience, Market and the Problem

Discover & Devise

We identify the client’s main needs and jointly define the objectives to obtain the specific requirements and functionalities that will be necessary to achieve those objectives.

We research and analyze the market to find similar existing solutions and thus be able to elevate the experience by going one step further.

We conceptualize the core business problems that need to be solved by keeping end users at the center. It is important to adapt them to the needs of the public to create high rates of satisfaction and emotion on the part of users.

  • User personas
  • Business logic
  • Assumptions
  • Success criteria
Blueprint of the Core

Define & Refine

We create the information architecture through mindmaps, adding key modules and activities in a logical hierarchy. We design user journeys, heuristically analyzing user behavior, working backwards to design those elements that users expect to find.

We create wireframes, a block-based conceptual representation of the chosen solution, to get the visual representation of the key elements of the design and how they interact with each other. We carry out a series of tests to understand all the behaviors and motivations behind the users: interviews, mystery shopping, focus groups, card sorting, eye tracking, benchmarking… this way we get to polish and perfect the chosen solution.

  • User journeys
  • Mindmap
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
Interface, Experience & Visuals

UI/UX Design

The visual layer of a design makes it possible to consistently unify all the objectives that have been established in the final product. The customer’s brand is applied, the values and functionalities are highlighted so that the product is easy to use for users. It is not just about a design being beautiful, there must be a hierarchy between its elements that communicates and shows what the client wants to convey, maintaining acoherence between the brand and usabilit. All this helps to make a good design excellent.
  • User interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • API / Webservices
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Interactive design
From Discovery to Development


The delivery process: Regardless of who makes up the technical team, they act as a catalyst to continue with the same momentum and depth of the concept to be designed. As a leading web and mobile app design company, we ensure this process through detailed visual design, functional flow, and design guidance, all ready to ship as a package with our web and mobile design services.

  • Design Patterns
  • Libraries of components
  • Guidelines

We design digital products that provide real value to your customers and meet their needs and expectations

Our approach

Attract your customers naturally and effectively.

The experience of thousands of satisfied customers in all kinds of sectors speaks for us. Our unique approach allows us to offer you SEO services with the highest quality so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Clarify what business model your product is associated with, what makes it different in the market and who it is aimed at.


Better understand the needs of the users to whom the product is directed, to understand how the proposed solution fits.


Usability experts review the product in detail, to understand and clarify those aspects that may be problematic.


Understand first-hand what your customers do and expect from your products, so you’ll see what works, what needs to be fixed, and uncover insights you might not have found out otherwise.


Define with us the best way to organize information so that users get to where you want them to go. Create the best funnel for your brand.


They help to visualize the distribution of the final result and to understand the interactions that will happen within it. They establish a common language between all the agents involved.


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UI/UX design is the catalyst behind the success of any web or mobile app. Pibeca Solutions is a leading web design and mobile app design agency with the ability to turn great ideas into meaningful interactions.





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