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We enable your brand to be seen at scale across digital; driving growth and guaranteed success.

our approach

We build meaningful relationships between brands and creators

Today more than ever, consumers are choosing to listen to each other over brands. This is why influencers and influencer marketing are so powerful. They are trustworthy people with a loyal following on all digital platforms.

Our purpose is to Make Waves; an idea seeded in the fact that our creators tell stories that build human connections, which set off waves of influence. These waves of influence become our data layers, from which we measure the impact. Our clients and creators make waves, we measure the impact

We connect your brand with the creator economy

At Pibeca Soltuions, we develop and execute influencer marketing strategies on a global scale. Based on your brand goals, we shape the optimal strategy that is right for you. This includes connecting you with the top social media influencers, vloggers, bloggers, youtubers, tiktokers, instagrammers and other content creators to help you engage your target audiences.

We handle it all: from developing creative concepts to campaign realisation and measuring and reporting on the results, we make sure it’s done properly.

Our clients will tell you, our influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Build trust in your brand and boost customer loyalty
  • Set your business apart from the competition
  • Drive sales and business growth
  • Reach the right people — people who are likely to engage with your brand and purchase your products or services
  • Have a measurable ROI
Nuestro enfoque

Toda la tecnología de marketing que necesitas, en un mismo lugar

Conocemos el desafío que puede ser la redacción publicitaria. Los lectores a menudo son bombardeados con muchísimo contenido diferente en internet y abrirse camino requiere una comprensión del viaje que realiza el consumidor. Escribimos para personas, con emociones, confianza y claridad. Creemos que la mejor representación de las marcas a las que ayudamos está en las palabras que utilizan para comunicarse con el mundo y le prestamos la atención que se merece.

Creemos que la excelencia es mil detalles ejecutados a la perfección. Nuestro equipo está obsesionado con los detalles, tanto grandes como pequeños. Así es como entregamos un trabajo extraordinario a nuestros clientes y que les hace confiar en nosotros de nuevo.
Cada marca que construimos o reconstruimos debe tener sentido para nosotros y para el cliente. Así como los clientes evalúan las soluciones de Pibeca, evaluamos cada proyecto para asegurarnos de que somos el socio adecuado para el liderazgo y el equipo.
Es muy importante que cada marca en la que trabajamos tenga un visionario y que la compañía y la marca contribuyan positivamente al diálogo de negocios y cultura en la actualidad. Sólo así podremos ayudarles a ser aún más grandes.
El tiempo es dinero y no queremos desperdiciarlo. No damos rodeos ni intentamos adornar la realidad y contamos las cosas como. Nos encontrará refrescantemente honestos, orientados a resultados e impulsados a buscar la mejor solución para su marca.
what we do

Llega a tus clientes ideales en el momento adecuado y con el mensaje adecuado.

No two influencer marketing campaigns are the same. Every brand, product, influencer and audience is different, so we design your campaign around your business and business goals. We find the right influencers for your brand, from top creators with a global reach to niche and micro-influencers renowned for authenticity. We make sure content creators share your brand values, have a high engagement rate and an audience that is a perfect match for your business.

Then, we work with influencers to plan creative and captivating campaigns that engage, inspire and inform their audience. We know how to leverage the most effective types of influencer marketing campaigns, from giveaways to product outreach and sponsored social content.


Influencer marketing strategies

We develop innovative influencer marketing strategies with long-term potential, and influencers at their core.


Influencer matchmaking

For every brand there’s a perfect influencer and we always know where to find them. We connect you with influencers who get people talking, and acting.


Content strategies

Our content strategies give influencers the freedom to be authentic on the platforms where they have most power. It’s not advertising – it’s storytelling.


Campaign management

Our dedicated team of campaign and influencer managers offers hands-on support during the execution of your campaign.


Tracking & measurement

We set goal-oriented and data-driven KPIs before the start of every campaign. That’s how we guarantee success. We measure progress from start to finish and provide you with transparent, tangible insights.


Social media advertising

Our digital marketing team uses paid media to support your influencer marketing campaign, ensuring the best possible results for your brand.


Production & content creation

By combining traditional productions with influencers, we are able to elevate your content creation to the next level.


Legal & compliance

Our team of legal experts advice brands and influencers on relevant partnership disclosure regulations and ensures our influencer contracts cover the full scope of the collaboration.


Payment & transaction services

Our finance department takes care of all financial administration with influencers.


Social listening

To better understand what your customers are saying about your brand and your competitors, Pibeca Solutions offers a bespoke social listening analysis. By accessing data from millions of sites across the web, we offer meaningful brand insights.


Brand lift studies

We partner with Nielsen and Memo2 to measure qualitative brand lift from your influencer marketing activities. Brand lift studies are able to measure the impact of specific influencer activities to prove brand lift.


Influencer marketing playbooks

We help brands develop more relevant, precise, authentic and cost-effective social media and influencer marketing strategies. By developing strategic and executional guidelines that allow brands to streamline their influencer activities across markets.


Competitor analysis

To ensure the best possible strategy for your influencer marketing campaign, IMA offers custom analyses of your direct competitors.


What our customers
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how we do it

A Strong ROI

A lot of marketers find it challenging to calculate the ROI of an Influencer Marketing Campaign. Thanks to our expertise and tools, our influencer marketing agency is able to calculate it.

We will provide your company extensive reporting, analytics and metrics for any of our activities. For instance, if your main goal is to drive users to an eCommerce, we will track all visits, clicks and custom promo-codes usage. In this way, our clients have a funnel that will showcase how many users we have reached, how many we engaged, how many became leads and ultimately how many bought your product!



Before we create a killer campaign strategy for your business, we research your industry to find the best social media channels for your business and the most influential content creators in your industry.

We also take a look at what your competitors are doing — whether or not they’ve run influencer marketing campaigns, who they’ve worked with, and how successful their efforts were. Then we work out how to give your business a competitive edge.



Once we know who the most influential content creators are in your industry, we’ll reach out to them.

We have a huge network of influencers we’ve already built relationships with, so it may be that we’ve worked with them before. But if not, we’ll reach out and start building a relationship with them on your behalf.

We’ll pitch collaboration ideas, introduce influencers to your brand and explain the benefits of working together.



Influencers know their audience better than anyone, so we’ll work with them to create a campaign that their followers will engage with. A campaign that will help you achieve your business goals.

Influencer marketing has the most impact when your business and the influencers you work with are invested in the campaign’s success. We’ll build a partnership that delivers value to influencers and their audience and helps your business get the attention it deserves.





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