Branding 101 – 4 easy tips to develop a brand for your new business

We believe everyone has an entrepreneur in them. It’s just getting past the logistics, the planning and answering questions that often times could prolong the launch of a business: weeks, months even years. Not because the owner cannot plan or answer questions but because in their mind, it’s a lot of work, therefore fear and doubt kick in.

From our designing experience, we’ve seen most startups come to us with the desire for a logo but are often times lost on where to begin. They just have a name and want a logo, but not sure what works and what doesn’t.

We want the best for you. We want the best for your business. We know just gathering the courage to start a business is frightening alone, then to think about logos and brands, your audience… at some point it becomes overbearing, right?

Well, let us help you. Here are our 4 branding tips that we are sure will not only make the branding process smoother but also make sure that your business’s first impression is well received to your customers.

1.) RESEARCH – Research your market, take screenshots of a few logos that you like, logos that you don’t like and mark the ones that stand out to you the most. What are most of the colors being used in your field? You wouldn’t use a fiery red color palette for a spa, you’d want a calming color such a lavender or mint. Do your research, see what is being used in that field. Feel the tone of the logos, are they inviting? Do they peek YOUR interest?

2.) UNDERSTAND YOUR BRAND – What is the goal of your business? Who is your target audience and how do you want them to feel when they come across your brand? For an example, if you’re a makeup artist, you want your clientele to feel as if they can trust your skills. We are sure your goal at the end of any makeup session is that the client looks and feels marvelous. So freaking marvelous that people stop her dead in the streets and say “OMG who did YOUR MAKEUP?!” So think of your brand as your client’s face. Weird right? Not really, you want your brand to do the same that your client’s face would, ATTRACT. Attract your target audience in a way that they trust your skills and are willing to pay for them.

3.) SET YOUR COLOR(S) – From your research and getting to know your brand you should now be able to set colors for your business. Let’s continue to stick with a makeup artist for this example. Ok, you’ve done your research but you’re still not sure what colors to pick. We would ask you to think of the client whose makeup you’ve just done and is now walking down 5th avenue in New York City or the Champs-Élysées in Paris, what is the color of her eyeshadow? Her lips? Her blush? And from there we would be able to narrow down the colors for your brand. We recommend no more than 2 colors, 3 max. You don’t want your logo looking too busy.

4.) STAND OUT – Now that you’ve done your research, what will make your logo different? You want your logo simple but unique. You want people to feel a connection to your logo and remember it.

Your goal is to create a unique, simple, memorable logo.

With research, understanding your brand, deciding your colors and visualizing your logo, you’ve pretty much done the hardest part of branding your business.

YOU GOT THIS! And if you still need help, contact us and we will make your bran not to only look good but matter.

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