Social media: consistent branding

Mantain the consistency in your site/blog is one of the best ways of having loyal followers and to establish a visual identity to be remember and recognized for. The writing style, graphic design and a solid branding are the best way to create your presence in your website, but, what happend with the rest of the places where your online presence is? There are some steps you can take to create consistency between your social media profiles.

Use the same profile image in your social media

You should use an image that defines your company, your blog or your brand, and use it as a profile image in all your social media accounts. This way, your audience will start to link this image with your brand, your website or blog, recognising it when they see it. Most social media profiles pictures are a square format, so having a high quality square format of the image that define your company will make things easier.

Usually the image used as a social media profile is the logo. In case you still do not have one,  contact us and we will help you to create one.


Create a cover photo for your social media

Most social media platforms have space for a cover photo, usually placed at the header of the page, and using the same picture in all of them is as important as using the same profile picture. Each platform has different cover photo dimensions, so we suggest that you design the biggest on first, and then cropping it to get the smaller ones. These are some of the most used social media networks:

Facebook: 851 x 315 px
Twitter: 1500 x 500 px
Google Plus: 1088 x 608 px


Be yourself

A consisten writing style is a must to post across social media, because your followers will recognize and connect well with it.


Create a short description

All companies have a short snippet that describe what they are/do in their web / blog, and it is the perfect bio to use on social media. Using the same text on every platform tells your followers who you are and how you want them to see you, so choose your words carefully and try to put as much information as you can into this small paragraph. Character limit is the barrier here, so maybe you need to change the words order or change the phrases a little bit.

One las tip: try to avoid posting the same thing to each profile (I know, it sounds like the opposite of what we have said before!). Some of your followers may follow you on more than one social media platform, so it can be a sort of spam when your word for word exact content show up on several of them. Instead, try changing up the wording to suit the platform you’re using, and scatter the posts throughout the day to catch readers who may not have been online earlier!

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